PrEP4You was created to raise awareness of HIV prevention and access to PrEP, with all the information you need in one place so you can access affordable PrEP in short waiting time.


PrEP4You was set up by a couple of passionate gay men who see PrEP as a powerful new tool to help stop the spread of HIV.
Ben Tart is an Australian who has worked for the gay community for over 15 years. Dr. Deyn is an internationally-experienced Thai Physician who has a thriving private practice in the heart Bangkok’s famous gay district (PULSE CLINIC, SILOM).


We do not receive funding from government, the Ministry Of Public Health, charities or any foundations. We are simply a group of people sharing information. We created this website on a small budget and paid for everything with our own money. 


We want anyone to be able to access PrEP and be able to confidently make their own choice about their sexual health and HIV protection. It's your sexual life - your choice.


We use our spare time to update and improve the site, working on it outside of our full-time jobs that enable us to carry on with voluntary grassroots work on projects like this. Everyone who works on the website is a volunteer and donates their time, expertise and knowledge for free. Now that the website is up and running we have marketing costs to help us reach the people that really need PrEP and also further costs to expand and improve the website.


All donations are massively appreciated are vital in keeping the site live. Donations will never be paid to an individual, only ever put back into the running costs and expansion of the website.